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Hello. My name is Jill, and I am the owner of KitchenStor. The inception of KitchenStor emitted from my passion of flavors, art, health, community, and the environment. Over the years, I learned more and more about how our choices affect not only us, but everything around us (our families and friends, the animals, and the Earth).

This awakening led me to develop a website where people can learn more about the environment, our food, and our well-being. It’s a place where people can share their ideas about what we can do better as well as what we have accomplished, leaving a good footprint for others to understand, admire, and follow.

KitchenStor is not your typical store or directory; it’s so much more. It’s a community filled with suggestions and inspirations alike in order to help develop a deeper connection from the farm to your table as well as the relationships we build amongst one another. Please help join this community in our efforts to be part of the green movement, a goal dedicated towards a healthier lifestyle and a more compassionate society.

Thank you for doing your part.

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Owner, KitchenStor | Your Source for Local & Sustainable Food & Living

Slow Down...Enjoy the Journey KitchenStor Green KitchenStor and Directory

Slow Down … Enjoy the Journey


At KitchenStor, this journey begins in the kitchen, a common and familiar meeting place that brings everyone together, touched by the outside world of food, spices, and juices in order to sustain our mind, body, and spirit.  Our world is filled with so much beauty and grace, and one should take the time to enjoy it.

Instead of trying to rush through your cooking and preparation, take in all that it has to offer.  The look and feel of natural wood resting on your counter top accompanied by an assortment of shapes, flavors, and colors provide a feeling of comfort, sophistication, and love for the world; this image sets the stage for your cooking venture.

During your food preparation, turn on your favorite music jams and transform your kitchen into your next cultural destination.  Where will your food come from today?  Feel the sand between your toes and the subtle breeze through your hair accompanied by that lovely song.

Feel the motion of the steel knife as it glides over the natural board.  Smell the juices emitting from the luscious fruits and vegetables.  Then, as the food slowly simmers to perfection, what memories arise from the aroma dancing through your whole house?

Slow Down…Enjoy the Journey.

Now…and throughout life.

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Looking for a company promoting a greener kitchen, and thus, a healthier life? Then, use our Green Kitchen Directory!

Whether you’re searching for a green bed and breakfast, hotel, educational center, or restaurant, you’ll find it here.  You can also search for farms, farmers’ markets, community gardens, markets, and other companies promoting a greener kitchen in Illinois, the surrounding areas, and online.

These companies are trying to make a difference!  With your help, WE CAN make the CHANGE.  So,



Green Scene. Ways to be Green.

Learn various ways to be part of the green movement.

10 Reasons To Buy Local Food

Support your local farmers and stimulate your local economy.

Green Glossary

Food labels can often times be confusing.  Learn what these words mean.

The Feel Good Blog

Read about “Feel Good” stories regarding happiness, inspiration, accomplishments, and love.

Do Good. Be Good. Because Life is Good. You just have to look at it the right way.

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At times, it appears as if regardless how much we accomplish, we never seem to complete our to-do list.  Although there is an increase in modern conveniences, we somehow manage to make ourselves more busy.  The thought of standing in one place to take the time to enjoy all of the senses that the mind and body has to offer, along with a relaxed notion that our world consists of such great beauty, sounds more so as a beginning to a fairy tale rather than reality; yet, all can be true.  If we just take a moment everyday to listen, smell, hear, see, and touch the Earth with our senses, our world will become more alive.

In between the daily grind of life, enjoy the present; it has many gifts to offer you.



View the World through the Eyes of a Child


Get in touch with your right brain

The images provided in this section are a collection of my personal photographs, drawings, and other art projects.   Art comes in all forms, and thus, BEAUTY is EVERYWHERE; art is a way to promote thought and invoke emotion.   Explore the unnoticed, and appreciate the air and all that it envelops.  I do not claim that these images are the best; instead, I took these pictures because somehow, these moments stirred my soul.

Mother Earth is a rare painting…with a canvas brushed with rich, black soil, white sand beaches, and crystal blue skies; she is outlined with fluffy, white clouds and a crisp, lemony orange sun.  Countless shades of green foliage along with flowers and creatures of every hue are dispersed throughout.  May you enjoy these images in hopes of inspiring you to explore your creative side.

Even Simple is Beautiful.


KitchenStor is also a Green website, powered by 100% Wind Energy.  The carbon emissions produced by the offices and data centers utilized to host websites, including KitchenStor, are offset by purchasing renewable energy credits which are used to generate wind energy.  By this process, we all help prevent the discharge of approximately 1,144 tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere every year.  In 2011, for every kilowatt hour (KWH) of energy used, twice the amount of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) were purchased.

As a result, we are now giving back to the environment by purchasing 200% of the energy being used to host websites like KitchenStor.  This green initiative is equivalent to about 225 less cars on the road or planting close to 244 acres of trees.  Every small step taken towards a greener environment becomes a larger leap to a cleaner world that everyone will benefit from.

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There are different people all around that don’t look the same

Pretending to be someone they’re not, like it’s a game

Including those in the seats in Washington, D.C. only to be framed

Owing flavors of favors to those that are named


Where shall we go from here, blaming all those that are pointed to

Love all your brothers and sisters, young and old, many and few

Teach them kindness and peace, the bad days are through

Whisper those words of wisdom that we all knew


Written By:


Be Grateful for what You Have


It’s not hard to see the basic needs for life

Be good to your parents, children, and wife

Speak the truth, stop the lies, remove the strife

And treat your neighbors like friends of times gone by


It’s not hard to be like friends of the family

Stop the feuding and practice spirituality

Hug those around you and shake their hands happily

Strangers and friends, seek kindness, and there, you will see


The goodness in all, it’s not hard to find

All that matters is that you are kind

See the light and all its colors in your mind

There, you will discover what there is to bind

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